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3 Necessary Skills For Becoming A Great Piano Player

Every pianist dreams of becoming the next Mozart. All the greatest piano players in the world today started off with the same dream, but why have they succeeded where others have failed?

In exploring this question, it quickly becomes obvious that they all share some skills in common that made it possible to achieve their goals. Here are the top three.

Highly Developed Work Ethic

This is really a requirement for achieving success in anything in life. You can’t succeed without working at it. All the greats faced challenges when they began, just like all the struggling beginner piano players today.

What separates them from the rest of us is that they push through, persevering through every challenge that they face. It takes fortitude to practice even when you feel you aren’t making progress, and it’s an attribute that anyone can learn!

Play With Purpose

Going hand-in-hand with work ethic, all the best piano players also play with purpose. They have a vision for what they are working toward, and they don’t stop until they get there. For example, they practice their scales with the same determined focus that they have when practicing arpeggios.

One is not a more important step for achieving their ultimate purpose than the other. They apply this same sense of purpose to perfecting each and every passage within the piece that they are working on. Without this kind of attitude, practice becomes sloppy and cumbersome.

Dedication and Commitment

Though sometimes separated into two distinct skills, they are so interconnected that they’re combined here. All great piano players committed to the study of music theory and mastering the fundamentals of playing the piano from the start.

Most have spent a great deal of time and money learning from highly revered instructors too. Learning to play the piano takes a huge commitment of time. It means sacrificing many other activities or distractions, and dedicating oneself to perfecting the ability to play the piano.

Developing a strong work ethic, a defined sense of purpose, and a commitment to achieving your goals, are all necessary steps toward becoming a good piano player.

You have to believe that your dreams are worth achieving. It all has to start sometime, so why not start taking lessons today, and commit yourself to developing these skills, as you become the musician that you dream of being?